I went to Borders last night, something I haven’t done in awhile. I’d stocked up almost two hundred dollars in gift cards and was absolutely giddy to use them. Aside from two hours of sleep last night and practice this morning I’ve been reading non-stop.

I just came across a chapter in the book I’m reading now that starts off with a bit about how the protagonist has a journal, or rather a Word document called journal.doc, in which he tries to write every day. The next bit hit home:

There were few times lately when I felt I had to get something that happened written down, lest I forget it. My days had become routine, somewhat indistinguishable from one another. Lots of small funny things happened, sure, but nothing major.

My life feels a lot like this now, fairly regular and routine. I have hours of practices every day, and while things happen at them I’m never sure if they’re worthy of being written about. For instance, the girls have lost just about every game this season so far in rather crushing defeats. I say “just about”, because technically we won one game in a forfeit. But the thing is, they’re getting a ton better. At the beginning of the season they could hardly do a layup. Yesterday they held the other team off for the majority of the game, crashing the boards and hitting rebounds. One of my girls even hit a three-pointer.

Rowing has been a bit of a mess. We were supposed to get this Ivy League, elite rower (who also is a model) to help coaching, but he backed out last minute, opting to go to law school instead. So now we have three coaches doing the work of a six coach team, struggling to cover all of the practices. My novice team is looking fairly good, though they’re all tiny. I pointed that out to the head coach, and he joked that I was even smaller than that when I started out.  

Other news? I got a call back for a second interview for a government position. I’m extremely excited about that, except I’m worried about how it would play out having a full-time job, a coaching job, and going to graduate school at the same time.

I also finally made up with Jordan the other night. I’d been holding out on calling him, but he made the first move and we went to dinner to talk it out. He said that the situation was frustrating- having me single and saying that he’s a great guy, but not feeling it on my end. To be honest, I haven’t exactly been feeling itfor anyone lately. I think I rather like being single, that this break from dating is refreshing. I have plans to go see a movie with Habibi tonight, so a long relaxing weekend is in the works. Hope you guys have a great one!