I got a call this morning: I have an interview in an hour for a private sector company that, if I get the job, will be sending me to Iraq in the next year. I’d spend the next few months training in different subjects, including language. I’m terribly excited, but I’m also terribly afraid.

And I’m not necessarily sure that this is the path I want to be on yet. In fact, I really want to finish my Masters program first, which should be complete by next December. This is a position I’d want in two to three years, but I’m being interviewed for it now. I called Childhood Friend, who kept telling me to relax, that there is no specific guideline that I will have to follow to get where I want to go. “All roads lead to Rome, or the FBI”, she joked. Meanwhile I’m trying to keep myself breathing, going through double practices every day, three basketball games this week, and classes twice a week.

And as for the basketball team that hasn’t won a game yet? We came incredibly close with the number two team in the conference. We finally have a strong defensive shift, something that has taken them all season to get down. We would have had more of a chance if the girls could have remembered our press break. We’ve switched them over to an easier press break that has a triangle of girls under the basket, one at the half court, and our center at the top of our key. Hopefully they can remember it- I’m fairly sure that today’s team will be pressing.

Anyway, must head out. Will post later this evening about the events of the interview, the game, and the practice.