I mentioned the other day about how I had an accidental slip up with my shirt coming undone at practice. I had been hoping that the incident would be forgotten, that high school boys would somehow forget that they had seen a woman’s breasts. Is that asking too much?

Apparently, it is. If anything though, it’s made the boys team like me a lot more. The following day we had a “Friday Funday” for the kids. They’d all PRed on their 4k and 6k tests, so we figured it was only fair to let them have a day of dodgeball, pizza, and homemade cookies. Head Coach and I picked up the pizzas and brought them back to the erg room, and when the kids came in- still sweaty from dodgeball- all of the boys sat in a circle around me. Head Coach couldn’t stop laughing. “You won them over,” he joked.

And this week has proved no differently. I covered the tail end of their practice last night after basketball practice, and the boys hit their rates the entire time I was there. Between each of their sets, they told me stories from school and joked with me. Endearing, really. Well, at least it was endearing until one of them hung his sweaty spandex into my coaching locker. “That’s his way of flirting,” the little coxswain noted. As if I hadn’t dealt with years of immature high school boys to understand that.

I pulled the spandex out and threw it so that it landed squarely against his face.