Let’s talk about three amazing points from my day yesterday:

The Duke v. North Carolina game
I get a lot of slack for being a Duke fan, but I’m used to it (being a Philly fan and all). I was raised with Duke, have been watching Duke basketball games since I could sit up straight (and even before that, my mother probably held me up to watch). And the rivalry against a team that is less than eight miles away has been going on for years before I was even born. Thannnnnnnnk you, God.


The Puppy
My brother, the chef, got home from work during the middle of game. He waited until a commercial to bring up the fact that his coworker is looking for a home for a chocolate lab puppy. My parents have a tough time turning down dogs, especially ones that look like this:


“Name it Duke!” I shouted, before realizing that I hate that name for a dog. So, if things turn out, we might have a new lab puppy in the household by this weekend. Which means that this site will be flooded by videos of Willa and the new puppy romping, Rios growling maniacally.

I refuse to listen to anyone who says a bad word about this show. Because I love it. If “Lost” were a man, I’d write it love letters and introduce it to my parents. And no, I’m not one of those creepy people that has websites or crossword puzzles devoted to it. But yes, I was fuming when I realized that my Homeland Security class was on Thursday nights, exactly when new episodes of “Lost” air. It’s the equivalent of taking away a cocaine addict’s stash and telling them that they can’t have it back until, oh, say, next week when they have the available time. And that’s not nearly as good, is it? So last night I had my personal catch up (which was made better by the fact that I had my windows open to warm air and a steady downpour).