On Saturday night, after catching up on “Lost” and turning off my bedside light, I sat in bed thinking about a few things I wanted to write on here, more specifically a few things that have made me angry as of late: Hurricane Katrina, this “recession”, the National Guard. I fell asleep planning on writing them on Sunday morning, except that I woke up and hour later, deathly ill.

This is, by far, the worst case of the flu I’ve ever had. I fell asleep on the bathroom floor, went through fits of ripping off my sweatshirt because I was so hot, and then shaking from the cold in my tank top. I didn’t sleep; I curled into a fetal position in my bed coming close to crying. I’ve literally consumed only three bottles of Gatorade since Saturday.

I’m even exhausted just by typing this much.

So instead of typing some ranting post here, I’m going to link to the Valentine’s Day edition of one of my favorite websites. This website, updated on Sundays, was pretty much the only thing that I even looked forward to yesterday (that and Kanye singing “Hey Mama”, which pretty much brought me to tears).

So, regardless of whether you have a Valentine or not, check it out.