We have an exam tomorrow for this class and I am the unofficial “go-to” for notes. I take rather meticulous notes, which I transfer to Word after class and email to the people who’ve missed. One guy has missed two classes to travel for work and was severely behind. I emailed all of the notes and a study guide I’d made for the exam. 

This afternoon I received a short email from the guy that threw me for a whirl. In short, it said “Thanks for the notes, can I take you out for dinner and a drink tomorrow to thank you for your effort? I promise not to argue about Duke. Let me know about dinner.”

 This guy, who went to University of Maryland, and I argued on the first day of class because I’d been wearing a Duke hat. It went something like this:

Him: Duke sucks, Paulus sucks
Me: Maryland doesn’t even deserve to be considered a rival. I can see UNC, but not Maryland.

Now here’s the kicker: the guy has a girlfriend! Two weeks ago he was telling us about how they were serious. I think I have some weird way of attracting guys with girlfriends/fiances/wives without any intention whatsoever. I fell for it once, and I’m never doing that again: I’ve learned my lesson.

I waited a bit to email back, mostly because I was way to into the Duke, Maryland game. When I finally did, all I said was “No thanks, take your girlfriend out tomorrow (Valentine’s Day). Just catch me up on notes if I ever miss. And by the way: Go Duke