I’m feeling lazy today, maybe because of this newly-warm weather flowing in. Maybe its the lack of gluten in my system, Or maybe it’s the fact that I was abruptly woken this morning with my cell phone ringing under my cheek. I should have let it go to voicemail, because I’m not reliably able to answer questions until I’ve had a 20 minute shower and three cups of coffee, but I answered. In the next thirty seconds, after the greetings and the “how’s the weather there?” talk, my world was flipped. My possibly-new-boss offered me the job. In Iraq. I am not one to cover up the fact that I’ve been mauled by shock, so he laughed and said that I’d have to give him an answer relatively soon. I have until Friday to decide if I want to take it.

But let’s talk about lighter things right now- I don’t want to think of leaving my dogs and my family, or packing my closet. Instead, I’m going to leave it with two amazing links that my friend emailed me this morning. They’re practically the same in nature- one for Obama and one for Clinton. The minor exception? You’ll figure that out.

Barack Obama is your new bicycle

 Hillary is mom jeans