Not that I expected it, but that was an awesome response of emails and comments from people. It’s true, this blog is about me, about my life. I don’t write for the comments, but I gotta say it felt kinda good opening my inbox to a flood of emails and comments. So thanks, everyone. I really missed you guys too.

And the other point: In my coffee-fueled mania last night I forgot to update about the job in Iraq. As of that Sunday, I was completely set on calling in on Monday and accepting the job. I had had an hour long discussion with FaveDave (who lives in Germany now and has decided to stay for good), and decided to call Habibi for some last minute advice.

I’m really glad I did so, because as always I hung up completely calmed and relaxed. While everyone else had said things along the lines of “don’t go! you’ll get killed!” or “have fun!”, his advice really geared towards how I felt. He told me that he knows how quick I am to pick up new projects before completely finishing one.

“Finish your Masters, Caits. I’m not saying that you should never take this job, but finish your Masters first.” He said that when I graduate in December, we’ll also have seen how the election turned out, and we’ll be able to at least have an idea of the effect it’ll have there.

I hadn’t even mentioned anything about the job to Jordan until after I’d made my decision. I mentioned it casually while shooting hoops, and he literally stopped and dropped the ball. I reassured him that I wasn’t going, and he said “sure, not now. But eventually you will, eventually you’ll be moving across the world.”

I’m sure I will end up there. But for now? I think I’ll stick to Philly.