I don’t think I need to explain the fact that I needed a long break from this blog over the past few weeks. It got to be a little much and the break was indeed necessary. But I’ve missed it.

I’m getting into a good routine of things. I did get accepted for the internship that I’d been interviewing for, so I’ll be working with counterterrorism at a very good (and very prestigious) agency. Interviewing with them was a surreal experience- have you ever had the feeling that the action you were taking was exactly right? I’ve had it a few times before, once when I took my first “perfect stroke” in rowing. Everything at that moment felt like it was falling into place in the way that it was supposed to. I felt that weird, connected feeling when I walked through the front doors of the building. I chatted with a few employees in the waiting room before I was brought in to the actual facility, and it just felt right. I’m supposed to be doing this.

I’m also being brought in for some big-time interviews over the next few weeks. I’m hitting two birds with one stone in two weekends- I’ll be down in Tennessee with the kids for rowing nationals, and I’ll slip in an interview with an agency I’ve been talking to lately. I’ve also gotten up to New York City twice in the past few weeks for interviews there. It seems, at least for now, that I’ll be up there by December. I’ve also been reoffered the Iraq job, now with a higher pay and a later date of leave.

So last night I had the first class of my first summer session, a criminological theories class. Four girls and eighteen guys in the class, so quite a bit of testosterone. I knew almost all of the guys from earlier semesters, and we’ve bonded over hitting the same local pub after class. Last night was no exception. I tried to get a few of the girls to go but they really weren’t the types, so I ended up going with six cops, two internal affairs reps, a lieutenant, and a captain.

Frank from the last time was there, going beer for beer with me again. This time though? He was trying to convince me to go home with him. The boys were busting his chops every time he’d try to buy me another drink. I made it clear that I’m just not into dating right now, that I need a break from it. He paused, confused. “So you’re into girls then?” I laughed, and asked how someone so dumb could be working in Intel. Eric leaned over: “No, dumbass, she’s just not that into you.”

So for now, everything is falling together. The internship, the friends, the career, the classes. Everything that happens….