Wow, the blog has really sat on the backburner. But between classes, my internship, and weekends down the shore life has gotten a little ridiculous.

The internship is exactly what I’ve always wanted. I’m technically not allowed to go into details about what I’m doing, but generally I’m working with fugitives, counterterrorism, intelligence, and homeland security. I’ll also be experiencing a bunch of other sides in this field. For instance, yesterday I got to sit in on an autopsy and do a few cuts. It’s incredibly interesting and a perfect fit for me.

The actual internship group is large, but there’s only one other guy in my unit. Our personalities match up, so it’ll make all of the grunt work (filing, organizing) a ton easier.

Between classes and the internship I’m fairly busy. I still manage to get down to the beach on the weekends- last weekend John, Mer, Rachel, Brian and I went down to Mer’s beach house. I’m not even going to go over Saturday night because I basically spent the night crying. It was horrible. But the next morning was great; I got up and went for a long, long run on the beach. On the way home I picked up breakfast for my hungover friends- egg and cheese sandwiches and donuts. We headed down to the beach afterwards, spent the day soaking up the sun, digging a giant penis-shaped hole (John called it the “cockpit”), and playing football. A guy a bit down the beach was fishing and caught a dogfish shark and I got to hold it.

OH! And Tennessee! I forgot to mention that entire trip. Between leaving my laptop in Virginia (hence the lack of posts), getting to the second hotel and finding a squatter in my room, and keeping 20 high school boys from running across the highway to the “Guns and Golf” store, it was hectic. We also had two major emergencies on our last day- one of our boats crossed the finish line (and won Nationals!) but one of the girls had a horrible asthma attack and was pulled from the boat and rushed to an ambulance. Another girl crossed the finish line and passed out, and was also pulled and rushed to an ambulance. I ended up running about 6 miles that day between the finish line, the docks and the ambulances. When I ran back over to the ambulance the girl was just waking up. I asked her if she was ok, she goes “Did you see my sprint?”

So really, have been ultra busy lately between the trip to Tennessee, the new internship, classes, and training for the half marathon (oh yeah, that too). But I’m sure I’ll end up with plenty of “my hands were in a body!” or “I got to see the best crime scene photos today…” stories.