We have a joke around the office stemming from something in the CSI office: there’s an article on the notice board about street guns being painted to look like toys. They’re becoming prevalent for female members of gangs and the wives of NRA men. One of the guns in the notice was an AK-47 painted with Hello Kitty around the handle. Most of these guns are painted with duracoat paint, while others can be special order. Anyway, I was fascinated with these guns. One of the guys came over and jabbed me in the ribs. “See, you’re the kind of girl that would whip out a hot pink Glock and hit a dead eye.” Probably, and that really makes me want one now.

Hot Pink Glock

Yesterday my partner and I got to leave work a bit on the early side. We’d already finished prepping work for an agency (the one I want to work for!) and it was only three. When the elevator doors closed, my partner looked over with a sly look and said exactly what I’d been waiting to hear: “Wanna go shooting?”

I didn’t care that I was still wearing a pencil skirt with a blouse tucked in and four-inch heels. We went and grabbed his Glock .40, muffs and glasses and went to the range. His gun is gorgeous, very well cared for. It has a strong kick on it too, so he taught me a different hold and how to position for 15+ feet. Shooting already is hard, but shooting in a skirt and heels? Even harder.