I am all sorts of confused right now about my current situation, even after spending all afternoon shopping with Briface and talking about it. Though I can say, shopping for Roberto Coin while drunk? Very satisfying.

I’ve mentioned before that we’re partnered at work. My partner is awesome, we get along great. He even thinks it’s cute that I hate babies, even if he doesn’t believe it. Along with the hours we spend at work together, we’ve also been hanging out a bunch after work. It started out with us just going to our local bar. Then last week we decided to get dinner after drinks, which we followed by shopping. I paid for drinks, he paid for dinner.

I think you see where this is going.

Right now I’m lying in bed in underwear and a tank top trying to figure out what I’m supposed to wear to go meet him at the movies tonight. We were at the bar when he propositioned meeting up for a late movie, and I drunkenly agreed. He then also told me to keep Sunday free- knowing my love of Pat the Bat, he got perfect left field tickets to Sunday’s game. For me. And him.

I’ve been very clear that I don’t want a relationship, he knows that I’m still hung up on some other guy. Now my verbal thought to Brian was that maybe the partner just wants someone to hang out with. Brian’s response: “Does he openly check out other girls around you, or his attention all on you?” I thought about that for a bit. Earlier, a girl in our building had given him the dog-looking-at-meat look, and I busted his chops for the next hour (or six) about it. He joked about going to find her, but eventually answered with, “nah, not my type.”

Then, at the bar this afternoon, we had a typical bartender. Now, for the sake of the story, don’t take this the wrong way if you’re a bartender. She had the pants cut too low, the shirt cut too high, evening makeup, and a tramp stamp heart on the back. Ultra skinny, moderately pretty. I know guys too well to be able to convince myself that his eyes didn’t linger for more than a once-over. When he and I made eye contact (and he saw my eyebrow raised) he said, “God, I really want to make her eat a burger. Or three.”

I definitely feel hesitant to even try to date, and I’m unsure of whether it’s because I’m just not ready or because I’m not into him.  So for now, this is just a movie between friends.

Doesn’t mean that I still have no idea what to wear.