Let me start this by saying that I tried to take a commenter’s advice and go out with the guy without romantic feelings- try to get to know him better and then eventually figure out if it leads to that. After the movie the other night I really didn’t feel anything for him. I actually kept thinking about how I had loved going to see movies with Pete, unable to shake those thoughts from my head.

Fast forward to yesterday, where the guy had gotten me tickets to see the Phils. We were planning to meet up at the local train station, and I got there a bit early to buy us tickets. Now, what you should know about me is that I am hardly a girl about looks. In fact, I tend to be turned off by guys that are too good-looking. I prefer guys that aren’t always matching, haven’t always brushed their hair. This guy took on a whole new level: he showed up in a white polo shirt (ok…) tucked into cargo jean shorts (not ok), with slide sandals (getting worse), a backwards hat (rarely looks cute), and a fanny pack. No, seriously.

I don’t know how it went from getting along at work to utter aggravation outside the office. At the game, he insisted on leaning halfway into my seat to try to be close. I, on the other hand, was leaning halfway into the grandmother next to me. She understood- when the guy got up for a bit, she asked me what I was doing with him. “Looks like a bad first date to me,” she cooed. I shook my head, explained that we just worked in the same office. “I think he’s not catching that drift.” The father in front of us said the same thing, after the guy had offered him (a total stranger) some of his nachos stating loudly that he had expected to share them with me.

The guy got up to get napkins after spilling cheese sauce on himself, and the father in front of us turned around. “What are you doing with him?” he asked, his wife nodding in agreeance. I had no idea. I had even less of a clue when the guy came back toting a stuffed animal that he had bought me.

And the day probably would have been ok if the Phils had won, if Pat Burrell hadn’t played like hell all day. If, on the way home, the guy didn’t insist on coming over to my house. Luckily I had a brief interview that evening, which I told him I needed to prepare for. He said to call him after, that we would meet for dinner when I was done. I yawned and pleaded exhaustion.

I feel horrible, like I led him on. But I haven’t been flirting with him, and I was honest early on that I’ve been in a clear anti-dating phase. I just don’t know how to go about being in the office now, with him thinking we’re going to date and me thinking I need a break from him.