Today was, to say the least, a bit awkward in the office. I was in early, the partner in late, so I was busy talking with my boss about the fat-free brownies I had baked (no, really, and they are awesome) when he walked in. Sauntered, actually. Walked up behind me and flipped my pony tail.

The next four hours were excruciating, as he kept whistling the same song. Actually, it wasn’t even the whole song, but rather the same six-second clip of the chorus. Repeatedly. I started to joke that he needed to get a new song stuck in his head and he just smiled. No, really buddy. New song.

At lunchtime he again sauntered over to the computer I was working on and suggested we go get pizza. My stomach has not been liking the fact that I’ve been living off junk food, so I thanked him but said no. He persisted, I said no again. And then he made some off-handed joke about how anorexia was becoming a real problem. I really, really don’t understand how I missed all of this in the guy- how did I not see how annoying he was early on?

And the thing is, as Peter asked, he didn’t catch the hints. At the end of the day he asked if I wanted to get dinner tomorrow night. It went something like this:

Partner: So, I’m thinking [expensive local restaurant] for dinner tomorrow night. You in?
Caitlyn: Actually, I have dinner plans with some girlfriends.
Parter: Which ones?
Caitlyn: Caitlin and Rachel.
Partner: Wanna introduce me to them?
Caitlyn: Well it’s a girls’ night, really…
Partner: That’s ok, I can wear heels.
Caitlyn: …

The guy doesn’t know boundaries. I just want to make it clear that I’m not interested in him that way. It’s ok if we keep up the regular bit of going out occassionally after work, but I don’t want him to take it any further than that. I think I need a long, relaxing break from it. The fact that I will now have classes after work on the days we usually go to the bar will help- I have an excuse not to go. Plus I have weekend plans (including Pittsburgh this weekend!) for the next few weekends.