I planned a nice little weekend getaway about a month back when College Roomie begged me to come visit her. College Roomie, I believe, is the luckiest girl in the world because she actually LIVES in the boathouse she coaches out of.

So College Roomie, being the Type A that she is, already planned out the whole weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be flying out straight after work (hello, tequila on plane, meet my four-inch heels and skirt). Another friend, Jason, is also flying in for the weekend. Jason, College Roomie, College Roomie’s new Roomie, and I will be spending our evening at the local park at a free concert eating a picnic dinner. Saturday is an early morning row, then a quick run, then a barbeque that College Roomie is hosting. The night will be topped off with barhopping. Sunday is a local fair, which again will most likely be followed by barhopping.

So, I’m leaving all of you dear readers with a photograph of a skyline, the song lyrics in the title, a hint that I was there this past fall and a hint that there is a GIANT pineapple statue by the river. I will also be leaving you in the very capable hands of my hilarious, wonderful, and generous friend, Peter, who promises not to screw up too much. Have a great weekend!