Pittsburgh, Part II

So Saturday morning College Roomie and I went out to coach her crew team and then spend the rest of the morning getting ready for the barbeque she was having at her place. We fell back into our old college routine of bickering over who’d shower first, hovering over the mirror to do makeup, and critiquing clothes. I threw a quick mix of summertime music on my ipod for the party and we went to meet everyone.

They were…strange. You see, College Roomie has two groups of friends- ones she’s met through this online community and one that she met through rowing. The online community were all there first, and as nice as I was and as much as I tried to connect with them, it didn’t happen. Not a single one asked my name, and instead chose to talk about things that they could only understand. College Roomie was busy flirting with her new roommate and I didn’t want to mess that up, so I sat there and drank. The more I drank, the more I got annoyed with the girl sitting next to me. She kept making comments about cancer (“I think it’s karma…”), rowing (“These people get soooo annoying when they talk about rowing all the time”), and my music (“Who the hell made this mix? It’s horrible!”) For the record, the music that was on when she said that was Creedence, and she was a prick. I got up, feigned exhaustion, and went to take a nap.

College Roomie barged in to wake me up two ours later, telling me that her best friend was there. She primped my hair and mascara before dragging me out the door and back to the deck. The guy was adorable. I knew I got all red as I sat down in the circle across from him, and for some reason I was shy. I’m never shy. So instead of talking to him I focused my attention on getting College Roomie together with her current roommate. I convinced the current roommate to go for an errand run to get the materials for champong (basically beer pong with champagne in dixie cups, shooting with Skittles), and then we started a tournament of sorts when I got back. Within the hour everyone was drunk and dancing to my “horrible” music. Slowly the numbers whittled down to just College Roomie, her roommate, our college friend and me. It was raining, we were dancing out on the deck in the downpour, and pouring champagne into our mouths. The other college friend and I waited for the perfect moment and snuck back downstairs, leaving College Roomie with her current roommate. She came back an hour later smiling and giggling.

College Roomie’s best friend came back over a bit later, and we all shuffled into the car to go to a bar in the Southside. We walkd in and took an immediate shot together, then settled in towards the back with our drinks. The best friend and I talked in snippets, but mostly College Roomie and I were talking with the bachelor party next to us. By the time we’d made our way over to the next bar, College Roomie was completely drunk. She insisted on stealing the microphone from the dj to sing the wrong lyrics to the crowd. The best friend laughed as I bet her five bucks that she couldn’t get the guys I picked out to dance with her- one guy actually did and I laughed so hard my drink came out my nose.

In our drunken state, we decided the best idea would be to go to one of the boathouses and take out their large boat. We got in, and the best friend gave me a tour while we looked for the keys to the boat. I don’t know how we got to that level of flirting, but it was intense. Still unable to find the keys, we headed back over to the main boathouse.

After a quick late-night swim in the river, the best friend headed out. I remember looking him straight in the eyes as he was saying goodbye, and trying to figure out why he didn’t try to kiss me that night. We had a really good level of chemistry, and I checked it off as him not being interested. College Roomie and I finally crashed around 3 am.