How very like me to run away from the blog for a week when things get stressful. You’d think my life would be easy seeing as how it’s summer, I don’t have a REAL job…

For starters, I think my partner is trying to sabotage me at work. I wrote last week about how he deleted the entirely of the major analytical project that we had at work. I finally redid the entire thing, met with one of the heads of intelligence of the corporation we’ve been working with, and presented the entire project. Everyone was impressed, I got major kudos from all of the sergeants. Today I went to make more copies of the folder…and one of the parts had been deleted. I’m not a complete computer whiz, but I know how to check when documents were altered. This one was altered on Monday, when he was in work and sitting at the very computer all of the documents were on. I took a few hours to retype everything, made up four copies of the new folder, sent everything in an email to three of the heads of the operation, and then wrote four copies onto CD-Rs.

And then there’s the bit about how my college ruined my financial aid again. If you’ve been a longtime reader, you’ll remember my frustrations in the winter when they basically “lost” all of my information. We sorted it all out, I thought it was safe. I’m taking out loans to pay for graduate school and working quite a bit to help pay for it (three jobs!). Well, they did it again. I tried to help out the payment by paying partially for the classes out of my own account. The school? Tried to pay for allof the classes out of my account. Try stopping at an atm for cash and realizing that your account is empty. And getting an email that your attempt to reserve a hotel room in Pittsburgh for the weekend has been denied because said account is now empty. It took me three days to sort out, during which time almost every hotel has reserved out, leaving me with either the 175/night room with a hot tub or the 60/night flea ridden disaster.

That brings me to Pittsburgh boy. Things were really great, up until he went to a wedding this weekend and to make things short, had made drama with his ex-girlfriend. I guess I handled all of it really well though, talked him through everything, discussed how he needed to cut her out of his life. A few nights ago he got a bit drunk and called me at one am. In his drunken flirting, he kept telling me that he wanted to freak me out. “I know how to do it,” he slurred. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Actually, he said it about twenty times. He knows that even cuddling and hand-holding makes me have a panic attack, so this was kind of the nail in the coffin. He called me a few hours later after he’d sobered up a bit and laughed at it. “But really though, what would you say if I told you I was falling for you?” I didn’t tell him this, but I believe it. It’s heading in that direction with the exception of a few hiccups (his ex-girlfriend, the distance, my lack of a hotel room).

So me seeing him this weekend (and clearing the air on all of this “love” bit) kind of depends on whether or not my school gets my funds back into my account by today. If it does, I’ll be in Pittsburgh all weekend, maybe in a hot tub with that sexy boy and a bottle of champagne. Hopefully not in the flea-ridden hotel.