Confession: I hate getting attached to guys. I really, honestly do. Attachment means worrying, it means frustration and stress and over analyzing, all things that I do not like. But we talked on Tuesday, I had a twenty second flip out and then realized how crazy I sounded. “You sound like a girl,” he said, which snapped me instantly back to my normal self. We’ve been fine since. But I really am attached at this point, surprisingly attached for a relationship where we’ve probably spent more hours on the phone than physically together.

Another confession: Awkwardly lumping your thirty-something interviewer into the “forty-year olds” group mightnot get you a job. I was emailed a few weeks ago by a private corporation who loosely had ties to an operation I’d been working on, asking me to interview with their intelligence department. Private corporations are the way to go right now- they have the money and the resources for high level training and for technology. It may not be my dream job, but it’s the perfect job for me right now. Health benefits, high pay, close to my graduate school, amazing training… I couldn’t say no to an interview. I went in on Wednesday, showed up a bit frazzled as I’d gotten lost on the way there (Mapquest told me to take a u-turn in the middle of the road…wtf?) I am usually a phenomenal interviewer. This time? Not so much. He asked me what I would change about my prior operation and office, and I mentioned that the office was a much older office, which I described as “forty and above”, meaning that they didn’t necessarily have the technological expertise of a younger office. “Oh, so forty is old?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. I stumbled, replied that I didn’t mean he was old at all. “Oh, so you think I’m forty then?” The other interviewer was laughing so hard that people outside of our room were coming to the window to see what had happened. I don’t think I’ll be getting this job.

Other various Caitlyn Confessions:

Obama makes me giddy.
-I hate dishwashers. I’d rather wash a roomful of dishes by hand.
-I’m severely allergic to latex. The other day, my dentist used latex gloves and for the rest of the day I -looked like Angelina Jolie. A less-hot version, at least.
-I was actually excited to go to the dentist yesterday. I asked to hold a mirror so I could watch the process of fixing my cracked tooth.
-I already have a list of things that I want to buy if I get this job.
-I am extremely weird about eating. I hate watching other people eat until I get to know them, and I hate eating in front of people that I’m not comfortable with. I also eat very little, which makes people think I’ve problems. I don’t.
-I don’t really like talking on phones, with the exception of my core girlfriends.