So I didn’t want to say anything on here and jinx myself, or pressure myself any more than I already was. I’ve been training all summer and had last spring I’d signed up for my first half marathon for this past weekend.

Probably not the best of ideas considering that I’d just started a new job- an intense one at that- and was working crazy hours. Trying to plan long runs around surveillances? It’s not fun. I had a bit of a freak out last weekend when I realized that I’d hardly trained at all and had one week to prep. I considered canceling, considered giving my spot to my girlfriend.

I didn’t do either of those and instead chose to do the half. I knew I could do the distance, but my only concern was time. As long as I got under three hours I would feel fine. The worst (and most interesting) part of the race was that it was a virtual event- I would be doing it alone and posting my times instead of running with hundreds of other people.

To get right down to it, it was probably the best run I’ve had in my life. I was full of energy and my head kept wanting to go even when my calves burned. I finished the 13.1 miles in an 1:42, which is an amazing time for me.

Yesterday at work my calves were sooooore and I could hardly sit at my desk because of how tight my thighs wore. But it was kind of all worth it. Full marathon next?